“Looking towards the future is already changing it.”
Gaston Berger

Our missions

Our values

Our vision


Emilie Dias , after financial carrier over 7 years, makes the choice to initiate a 180° turn. She gets back to university and obtains a BBA in international human ressources management. She then notices all the difficulty of having an atypical career way which restrains most recruiters.

Then she decides to create her structure to shake up the codes and the methods about recruitment and human resources advices. In this way, she creates her strategy by offering to her clients some talents too often put aside.

She also proposes to accompany managers and business owners in the implementation of new management methods.


Emilie Dias is surrounded by shareholders, allowing her to implement her innovations. She emphasizes that the creation of her company was constituted on the basis of her concept, that is to say, the blending of generations, experiences and cultures, thus creating the strength and performance that she claims to her clients.

Our values

We promote cultural diversity, main generator of creativity.

We prefer to get all generations mixed up for better performance and knowledge sharing. With us age is not a problem.

We are committed to bring ethics to the forefront in the world of work.

We apply an innovative management at 360°, for a maximum membership of the staff by privileging listening and exchange.

Our missions

We are in charge of the recruitment of candidates, regardless of company activity, the job to be carried out or the profile to be recruited.

We offer a total support in Human Resources dedicated to structures of any size. Our expertise focuses on management, personnel management and recruitment.

We entrust company managers with our knowledge, know-how and expertise in the human resources required to develop performance and turnover.

Our vision

We place the human to the heart of our recruitment process. With us, the candidate’s personnality is in the center of our preoccupations. We are shaking codes and methods by mixing : generations, cultures, skills ; for the performance et the success of all firms.

We rely on innovative and more global communication allowing us to put on the same level of listening employees and business leaders. In this way, we foster adherence, cohesion and team spirit.

« The mix of generations, cultures and skills for the performance and success of any business. »
Émilie DIAS, CEO of Dias & Associates

Our services

Individuals · Candidates

We are helping you to enhance your resume, by putting at your service our knowledge and competences in this area. A good resume will make the difference.

We are providing a follow-up by Coaching to guide you and help you to acquire the good methodology in your job research, in checking your professional pathway, your experiences, your competences but also your qualities.


We assist companies in the recruitment of candidates, for ponctual needs or for a longer time like few months or with an annual package.

We commit ourselves to offer you a maximum of 3 motivated, competent, talented candidates whose profile perfectly matches with your request.

We are giving the priority to the organisational innovation for a better social communication, based on the skills of each others.

We bring our expertise and our know-how in Human Resources by involving managers and employees to create bonds and thus impact the performance of your company.


Whether you are actively looking for a job or not, if you want to :

  • be advised in your career,
  • be helped to write your resume,
  • be coached / guided for a job interview.

…send us your resume:


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